Foundation repair — Ultimate Foundations repairs

Your foundation is cracked?

If you have water infiltrations in your basement, do not waste any more time: call our team of experts in foundation’s crack repair and damp-proofing, in the Ottawa and Gatineau region. We have a solution for your problem.

Long-term and durable solutions!

A meticulous inspection of your home or your commercial building will allow our experts to determine the cause of the water infiltration. Leaks and cracks to a foundation or a concrete structure may cause toxic mold. This, if not addressed, will endanger the health of the people and will weaken the building structure. Our team of professionals will take great care to offer you long-term and durable solutions.


Concrete repair requires specific expertise as different components must be taken into consideration: soil composition, drainage, construction and building type, concrete quality, climate, etc. Be assured that we will be able to make all the necessary repairs, based on your actual needs.

  • Concrete crack repair from inside
  • Concrete crack repair from outside
  • Active and passive cracks’ sealing
  • Pressurized polyurethane injection
  • Elastomeric membrane, water repellent systems
  • Waterproofing
  • Stabilization & Straightening
  • Excavation
  • French drains – Foundation drains
  • And more!

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