Foundation Stabilization — Ultimate Foundations repairs

Foundation lifting, stabilization and straightening

We provide straightening, stabilization and lifting services for new or existing buildings, underpinning columns and decontamination of pyrite

Why choose us?

Corrosion-resistant foundation chairs

Our foundation chair models meet the highest quality standards by WSP Engineering and are recognized for exceeding safety standards.

Engineering Analysis

We work with certified and competent engineers to offer the most powerful, reliable and solid system on the market.

Hydraulic driven piles

Designed by specialists in hydraulic systems, our steel piles make it possible to reach the rock and can support all types of buildings.

Competitive prices

Conscious of the supply and demand of the industry, we offer competitive prices while ensuring incomparable work.

Straightening and stabilization of building foundations on steel / pyrite piles.

Foundation crack repair

Excavation / Drain Installation / Camera Drain Inspection


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